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Signup for Our Ralph's Fundraiser


We are thrilled to announce a fantastic fundraising opportunity in partnership with Ralphs Community Contribution Program. Ralphs will generously donate a percentage of each purchase made using a Ralphs Reward Card linked to the SDSU Men’s Crew Community Rewards account (Code: XV331). This means that you, your friends, family, and anyone can support the team effortlessly just by using a Ralphs Reward card at checkout – with no additional cost to you!

Here’s How to Sign Up and Support SDSU Men’s Crew:

   1. Obtain a Ralphs Rewards Card: If you don’t have one already, simply ask for one at your local Ralphs store.

  2. Activate Your Account: Visit and register your account using your email and the number on your Ralphs Rewards Card.

  3. Link to SDSU Men’s Crew: Navigate to “My Account” > “Community Rewards,” and search for “SDSU Men’s Crew” (Org. #XV331).

  4. Confirm Your Selection: Once you’ve found SDSU Men’s Crew, confirm your choice, and you’re all set!

Now, every time you shop at Ralphs and use your Rewards Card, a percentage of your purchase will automatically be donated to the SDSU Men’s Crew team at no extra cost to you. Thank you for your support!

POWER 10 Campaign

Support the Aztec Rowing team’s journey to becoming a leading contender on the West Coast through the POWER 10+ Campaign. Your contribution of just $10/month, the equivalent of a Spotify or Netflix subscription, can create an organization that positively shapes the lives of these hardworking student-athletes throughout their collegiate careers.

While a recurring monthly donation of $10 may not seem substantial on its face, it doesn’t require a huge financial commitment to make enduring changes within SDSU Men’s Crew. With enough supporters like you, these small monthly donations can add up to substantial contributions for the rowers at the H Del Beekley Boathouse.

For every individual who joins the Power 10+ Campaign, Aztec Rowing recoups 0.1% of their yearly operating budget. If every rower who rowed for the men’s crew were to sign up for a $10/month commitment, we could double our yearly budget, allowing for more coaches, more boats, more opportunities, and an enhanced student-athlete experience.

Follow the instructions below to sign up:

  1. Click on the link provided to go to the SDSU Campanile Foundation Donation’s Page.

    Donation Page Link

  2. Once you are on the page, select the amount you want to donate by clicking on the dropdown menu located at the top of the page.
  3. Next, click on “Choose Area of Designation” and select “Other” from the bottom of the list.
  4. In the “Other Designation” box, please make sure to type in the account number “C01046”. This step is important, so please double-check to make sure you have entered the correct number.
  5. Select the gift frequency you prefer, such as monthly.
  6. Fill in your contact information, or choose to remain anonymous.
  7. Click “Save and Continue”.
  8. Fill in your payment information.
  9. Once your donation is complete, the SDSU Alumni Foundation will automatically send you a tax receipt to the address you provided before taxes are due.

Thank you for supporting the team! If you have any further questions or concerns, please let me know.

Support SDSU Student-Athletes TODAY!

By giving to the Men’s Crew, you are impacting the college experience of young men and women in a way that will influence their lives in many positive ways. Most directly, you will help to provide state-of-the-art equipment, top rate facilities, excellent coaching, and operating expenses for their rowing practices and competition. Indirectly, you will help to support the learning of important life lessons – about the pursuit of excellence, teamwork, hard work, and discipline – that will remain with them forever.

Please mail your donations to:
SDSU Men’s Crew
Aztec Recreation Center: Men’s Crew
5500 Campanile Drive
San Diego, CA 92182