To The Prospective Rower– Fall 2018


To The Prospective Rower,


You have made the first step in pursuing a lifestyle of greatness.

Rowing is a tradition almost as old as time itself. It has been an American collegiate sport since the 1800s and is in fact the oldest collegiate sport. Men’s Rowing at San Diego State is almost as old as the university itself, we have been an organization on campus since 1925. In that time, we have come to embody 4 simple words: Discipline, Strength, Tradition, and Family.


This is the driving force that we all have in common as individuals. We strive for a high level of discipline through our daily action; including consistent attendance, consistent effort, and a consistent pursuit of excellence.


Without strength, we are dead in the water. We work hard to push our bodies to the outer reaches of their abilities in the pursuit of this value. Strength is what defines a rowing team’s ability, and with each new novice class, not only does our strength grow in numbers, but in ability.


We have a rich history which spans almost a century and includes the likes of 13 athletes who have represented America at world championship races, and 3 athletes who have represented America in the Olympics. By joining men’s rowing at San Diego State, you are adding yourself to the legacy and greatness that these 13 men represent, not to mention the thousands of athletes who have come before and after them.


Rowing is a team sport, the men in a boat together form a crew. As an athletic team who spends nearly 6 days per week together, we become brothers and sisters. Our relationships transcend the sport, as lifelong bonds will be formed through this shared endeavor. You will meet your best friends, have the best and worst of times, but most importantly realize that not only can you count on your boat mates while rowing, but in every aspect of your life.

We are looking for tall, strong athletes or individuals tough enough to make up the difference. Even if you don’t fit the physical bill, your raw determination and effort can take you to heights you thought were unimaginable, you just have to believe in yourself.

Take the plunge.

Come meet the team on September 6th at the AMC rooms next to Shake Smart at the ARC from 4-5.

Can’t make it then? Shoot an email to our Head Coach Julia Gamache at This IS NOT a mandatory event to be on the team.


Jack Neuhaus

President, SDSU Men’s Rowing


Summer Boat Work

Summer Boat Work

Come help the team clean and prepare their equipment for next year! Those student-athletes who are still in town along with the coaches will be out at the H Del Beekley Boathouse from 8:00am-12:00pm on the following dates, and would love to have you come out and lend...

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Help Keep Us Afloat!

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Gruenberg Cup Results

Gruenberg Cup Results

Dear SDSU Men's Rowing Team Supporters, I am thrilled to share an update on our recent participation in the Gruenberg Cup regatta on Saturday, April 8th. We are proud to announce that our team showed significant improvement from our last encounter with Long Beach...