Commitment & Introspection: Coach Julia Gamache Ushers in the 2015-2016 Novice Squad

It is late September and for SDSU crew; that means car loads of fresh faces down at the boathouse, learning a sport they have no clue about. We have passed the recruitment stage with flying colors and are approaching a real team of eager, well intentioned and surprisingly confident student athletes. For the last three years, I have coached the Novice team here at San Diego State University and all three novice classes have brought a unique personality to the team as a whole. This year is no different; with the rowers already progressing quickly on the water and developing competitive bonds on the ergs. Our Novice squad is 4 boats deep with 5 very dedicated coxswains already vying for that top position. Needless to say, I have a good feeling about this year.

My belief is that being11987075_1127989650562955_5585932877414735549_n involved in a sport will increase the contribution students give to society. A step further is that rowing specifically increases that contribution tenfold. The more novice who join this team, the more responsible, honorable, hard working adults we graduate into the world.  This is the season for welcoming new members to our SDSU Crew family but it is also the time when we truly feel the absence of our recent graduates. Last year we graduated 5 very hardworking seniors who contributed greatly to the success and growth of our team. We thank them and wish them well on their journey. Selfishly, we also wish them great wealth and the desire to give back 🙂

It has been exciting to also be coaching the varsity squad in the mornings. I want to take a moment to assure supporters of this team that you have someone on the ground who is committed to the longevity of success for SDSU Crew. It has been personally rewarding to see rowers and coxswains who I taught from scratch become varsity members. That I can coach them now and be a major part of their continued education of this great sport is such a treat. The current seniors have been a joy to be involved with as well. I am glad to be able to build relationships with these athletes and be able to participate, if just a little, in the development of their training.

11954618_1127989900562930_1941473048255840403_nThe take away is that I feel this team is stronger than I have seen it in three years, the squads have already had a joint row and I see friendships between the most experienced oarsmen with the least. It is a great year to be an Aztec, we hope to see as many of our supporters at upcoming regattas and we look forward to meeting the new supporters our novice squad now brings with them.



Coach Julia Gamache

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